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Our structural steel division erects buildings, raises pre-cast units for buildings, installs ornamental components, and works in all forms of reinforcement. Our union ironworkers are trained to meet the safety and technological advances for tomorrow's construction needs.   


We deliver a high quality installation because our skilled union ironworkers and site supervisors are familiar with and understand the work details and procedures. No other company takes more pride in their work and on your project. We sequence our deliveries to meet your needs and minimize site requirements. This results in a less congested site and allows production to function normally without disruption.

Structural Steel Erection


Our rebar division specializes in assembling and installing steel bars, known as rebar, inside concrete forms to reinforce the construction of highways, buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other structures susceptible to damage and collapse in the event of a natural disaster.


Our highly trained, high-quality Reinforcing Ironworkers serve clients throughout the Tri-State area of Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky. Our objective is to help our clients prosper by providing the most productive, cost-effective, quality-minded and safety-minded workforce adept at properly strengthening concrete structures and preventing structural hazards.

Reinforcing Ironwork

Who We Are

United Ironworkers, Inc. was founded in 2003 by its President, a union ironworker since 1978, Kim Rasnick.  UIW is headquartered in Steeleville, IL, and since opening our doors, we have been delivering quality steel services to our customers. We continue to lead the Tri-State area of Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky with a commitment to quality and safety, bringing new ideas for delivering highly successful projects to every customer.


The United Ironworkers Team maintains the integrity of the steel design while providing cost saving suggestions that allow for reductions in the project budget and shave time from the project schedule. Our Project Team develops cost effective steel strategies early on to avoid project schedule delays and the escalation of costs.


Our Commitment is to Quality and Safety!





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